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*96 Day Supply*

An advanced aqueous form of Copper Ions(IsoIonic™)** in clear solution for quicker absorption than tablets or capsules which must first dissolve in the digestive system before being absorbed.

Patented, clinically tested professional grade CHD-Fulvic Acid has been added to further increase absorption and enhance overall well-being as fulvicacid has natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification properties.

Concentration 800 PPM or mg/L

Copper Helps to Support:

•    Healthy hair*
•    Organ health*
•    Joints, cartilage, and tendons*
•    Healthy LDL and HDL cholesterol*
•    Proper sugar levels*
•    Normal iron levels in body*
•    Normal thyroid function*

Copper – An Essential Mineral To Your Health

Copper is an essential mineral that plays a pivotal role in the body’s balance of Iron in the blood. Copper is needed by all tissues in the body. It is involved in the production of collagen, the protein responsible for the structural integrity of bone, cartilage, skin, and tendon.* It is also involved in the production of elastin, the protein that is mainly responsible for the elastic properties of blood vessels and skin. Further, copper is a component of the enzyme copper-zinc dismutase and the protein ceruloplasmin, both of which inhibit free radical formation.*

Why Mineralife Copper Supplement

•Prepared from a pure elemental source
•Angstrom-sized, water soluble minerals (IsoIonic™)** provide the greatest absorption and utilization in the body.
•Formulated using our patent-pending MET water, a multi-step purified energy enhanced water that helps activate minerals into their electronically charged ionic state for maximum benefit.
•Contains CHD-Fulvic Acid to enhance absorption and overall well-being.
•1/2 cap provides 100% of the Daily Value for Copper.
•8oz bottle provides 96 day supply.


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