Circulation Spray – Plasma Tech 100ml


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When the need for a topically cooling and therapeutic product for hot, tired legs and feet became apparent, the circulation spray came to life!

This is a must for those who spend the day standing, driving or anyone with:


  • Circulation difficulty
  • Compromised vein/ capillary structure
  • Lymph build up or sluggish drainage
  • Cellulite
  • Oedema and water balance issues

With a unique, energising scent, and therapeutic plasma ingredients, it is very cooling and soothing – recommended for use during the day, but out of sunlight, and for the most part, at the end of a long working day to spray over the legs and under the feet for instant relief, with a repeat spray before bed time.

Contains numerous antioxidants, various vitamins, minerals and omegas, Vit D3, food source nutrients, saffron, chanca piedra, biotin, resveratrol, grapeseed, cayenne, probiotics, dandelion, pomegranate, turmeric, Vit B17, sutherlandia, shiitake mushroom, moringa and various therapeutic oils.

The spray also supports the urinary tract, the heart and blood vessels and the skin.

Exercise regularly to encourage microcirculation and massage the legs upwards to encourage sufficient lymph drainage.


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