Carno 1 Drops 25ml


A homeopathic medicine that supports the function of the glandular and lymphatic systems for the treatment of boils, cysts, polyps, and inflamed or enlarged glands.

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Acidum nitricum promotes drainage of toxins, healing of blisters, and treats ulcerations on skin and mucous membranes in the mouth and genital area.

Arsenicum album relieves and treats septic infections with green offensive discharges, degenerative changes, skin eruptions, and glandular swelling.

Carbo animalis has a drainage effect on the whole glandular and lymphatic system to treat ulceration and decomposition of the skin.

Conium maculatum acts on the glandular system to promote drainage of toxins, improve circulation and thereby treat painful hard enlarged glands.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum promotes toxin drainage via the lymphatic and glandular system to treat suppurative ulcers and sores anywhere in the body, abscesses, adolescent acne, herpetic eruptions on the genitals, swollen painful glands and excessive perspiration.

Hydrastis canadensis improves the function of the liver and the mucous membranes and treats pre-ulcerative conditions and excessive perspiration.

Magnesium muriaticum promotes detoxification of the liver.

Sepia officinalis improves circulation to the liver and surrounding organs to treat venous stasis and associated weakness, yellow complexion, and offensive perspiration.

Silicea helps boils and abscesses to ripen and come to a head and facilitates the drainage of accumulated toxins in the body. It treats skin eruptions and painless swelling of glands.

Thuja occidentalis has a blood-cleansing action and acts on the skin to promote the healing of chronic warts, ulcers, glandular enlargement, polyps, and brown spots (chloasma).






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