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Cardiofast Capsules 
– cover your entire cardiovascular system!
Superb Cardiovascular 

Health Means a Better Life!

Having a well-functioning cardiovascular system can really help your level of day-to-day happiness and outlook on life. When your circulation is flowing freely, and your heart and arteries are clear and strong, you can feel it. You have a lot more energy and strength, first of all. Every muscle in your body—not to mention your brain, eyes, skin, kidneys, and lungs—will get more oxygen and a better supply of nutrients. In fact, the other good supplements you take will actually get to their destination! Your fingers and toes won’t get cold and stiff as easily. You’ll know that every organ in your body is benefiting—because good circulation is crucial to everything. And you’ll be able to live your life free and clear of many health worries that weigh other people down. The next time you get your annual blood work done, your doctor’s eyebrows will raise, because he or she will be surprised to see so many great numbers in a row. Normal blood pressure. Excellent HDL cholesterol. Low LDL. Low triglycerides. Low C-Reactive Protein.

 Cardio-Fast from Derma Science Laboratories contains unique synergistic combinations of phytonutrients specifically designed to:

* Promote excellent circulation
* Help normalize blood pressure levels
* Improve good HDL cholesterol
* Improve your LDL/HDL ratio
* Reduce your triglycerides
* Reduce clot-causing fibrin
* Curb free radical oxidation of cholesterol in your heart and arteries
* Lower your C-Reactive Protein
* Strengthen your heart and arteries
* Improve blood vessel flexibility
* Shield you against cardiovascular inflammation
* Improve blood flow and viscosity
* Enhance your overall cardiovascular health.


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