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Escentia’s Buchu essential oil is an extremely effective antiseptic and may prevent wounds from becoming septic and contracting tetanus. It is especially effective as an antiseptic of the urinary system. It prevents infection of the urinary tract, bladder and urethra. It is also anti-inflammatory, thereby helping relieve uncomfortable swelling in the body.

Buchu oil brings relief from rheumatism and arthritis. It does this by removing uric acid from the body through increased urination. Being carminative, this essential oil helps remove gas from the stomach and intestines. This relieves uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea, headache, drowsiness, indigestion and vomiting.

Product Specifications: The buchu plant is native to South Africa and grows in the mountains of the Cape Province. It has been used as a traditional medicine by the Khoisan people for many years. It has been described as having a strong smell of blackcurrant. Buchu is an evergreen, aromatic shrub with simple wrinkled leaves about 1 cm (0.5 inch) long. It has conspicuous oil glands that release a strong, blackcurrant-like aroma. The delicate stem bears five-petalled white flowers with purple anthers that appear in the spring. It is said by some that Buchu has a substance that can block out ultraviolet light.

typical country of origin:

South Africa

buchu pure essential oil can be used as:

Aside from relieving the body from excess gas, buchu oil also aids digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices.

This essential oil increases urination. This allows the body to rid itself of uric acid, excess water and excess salts. It also protects the urinary tract and kidneys from infections. Buchu is also an insect repellent, keeping away flies, mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, lice and parasites.

Buchu can be mixed with a carrier oil to relieve dry and itchy skin, calm irritations or assist with joint inflammation and pain. It can be used to:

  • Soothe arthritic & rheumatic pain
  • Ease cramping & spasms
  • Cool irritated skin
  • Relieve dryness & itching

Did You Know? Old traditional remedies included mixing buchu with brandy to make the “boegoebrandewyn” tincture for stomach ailments; or soaking crushed buchu leaves in vinegar, to treat bruising or sprains.


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