Boils & Abscess 25g


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~~Indications: A homeopathic remedy for localised infections of a festering nature e.g. boils & abscesses, whitlows, deep-seated acne pustules (note: acne might get worse before it gets better). Chrome Hearts Clothing It helps to bring to a head any morbid matter such as pus and to localise the infection, preventing spread to other tissue. Silica, known as ‘the homeopathic surgeon’ can help to push splinters out of the body.
 For leg ulcers, this remedy in conjunction with anti-virabac 200c can be very helpful. In this case, alternate the dosing of the 2 remedies. See Dosing Guidelines for guidelines on dosing more than one remedy.

Warning: Not for use in individuals with pacemakers or prostheses such as screws or wires within the body, as they could be rejected. This remedy should also not be used where a middle ear infection is suspected as it could cause rupture of the eardrum.



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