Blackseed Vapour Rub


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Topical rub to assist in relieving: the symptoms associated with colds and flu and joint and muscle pain.

Adults and children 3 years and older is:

Symptomatic management of the common cold and flu

Apply thinly and evenly to the chest, back and neck for vaporization.

Tibb-Blackseed Vapour Rub steaming technique

  • Heat one liter of water and pour into heat-safe container and add 10 g of Tibb-Blackseed Vapour Rub.
  • Breathe over the container and inhale the Vapour Rub-infused steam.
  • You may place a towel over your head to retain more steam as you inhale. Remember to keep your face 15-20 cm away from the container.

Relief of joint and muscle pain

Apply thinly and evenly to the affected area up to three (3) times per day.


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