Bioteen- Immunergy Orange


Bioteen’s Immunergy contains stress busting nutrients like GABA to support your stress-immune axis. Less stress equals a stronger immune system.


Bioteen’s Immunergy is a ready-to-mix dietary supplement, formulated to support the key immune pathways in the body. Each 14 gram serving provides 1000mg of vitamin C together with additional vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and key ammino acids necessary to support Innate Immunity, Gut Immunity and the Stress-Immune Axis.

Bioteen’s Immunergy has been specially developed to target multiple immune supporting pathways using the right amount of trademarked, high quality functional ingredients, like Fibersol®-2  as well as a complement of other beneficial nutrients.

Let’s see how all the ingredients work together to keep you healthy:

Reinforcing physical barriers

Physical barriers are the most basic form of defense that your body has against harmful pathogens. If the pathogens can’t gain entry to your body, it can’t infect you. These physical barriers are made up of your skin and various mucous membranes, like those in your nose, mouth, lungs and urinary and gut lining

Bioteen’s Immunergy contains a number of nutrients including L-glutamine, vitamin C and vitamin D which work directly and indirectly towards reinforcing these barriers through maintaining their structural integrity.

Supporting immunity at gut level

There is a huge population of bacteria that live in your gut, known as your microbiome. Some of them are good while others are bad. It’s important to support the growth of the good bacteria to ensure adequate production of metabolites like short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). SCFAs have the ability to strengthen the physical gut lining and also help the microbiome communicate with the gut associated lymphoid tissue (or GALT) to mount an appropriate immune response. When there is an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria (which is known as dysbiosis) then SCFA production is also disrupted which can have a negative effect on your immunity and general health

One way to do this is to include prebiotics in your diet. Prebiotics (like the ones found in Fibersol®-2, one of the core ingredients in Bioteen’s Immunergy) are food for your good gut bacteria. When your good gut bacteria are well fed, they are able to grow and multiply, keeping your gut health in check. 

Train innate immune cells and support immune cell health 

If a pathogen is able to breach your physical barriers, you need your innate immune system to step in and neutralise the threat before it can get too far.

Bioteen’s Immunergy contains a complement of beneficial nutrients that have been shown to support immune cell proliferation, differentiation, development and maturation. Having healthy immune cells is important because if they are damaged, they can respond to invading pathogens and protect you. 

Supporting the stress-immune axis

Stress causes your body to produce higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In small amounts, cortisol is helpful and can even give your immune system a boost by limiting inflammation. But, if this stress continues for too long or becomes chronic, then it has the opposite effect and can suppress your immune system, predisposing you to an increased risk of infections


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