Bio-Curcumin 60caps


In a human study, this advanced Curcumin preparation—(Bio-Curcumin®)—delivered up to seven times more
Curcumin to the bloodstream than a standard 95%


Scientists have recently discovered a novel and specialised Curcumin preparation with exceptional bioavailability.
In a human study, this advanced Curcumin preparation—(Bio-Curcumin®)—delivered up to seven times more
Curcumin to the bloodstream than a standard 95% Curcumin extract and retained for up to 8 hours in the blood
stream. This was confirmed via human clinical trials. This increased bioavailability greatly enhances Curcumin’s

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin, a polyphenolic compound derived from dietary spice turmeric. Turmeric (Curcume Longa) is a bright yellow ancient spice native to Asian countries; it has been used as a traditional remedy dating back 600BC. Curcumin is one of today’s most exciting extracts impressing scientists around the world with its remarkable multiple

The problem with Turmeric and Curcumin Supplementation

Despite the incredible benefits of curcumin, one of the biggest challenges for using it therapeutically has been absorption. Major reasons contributing to the low plasma and tissue levels of curcumin appear to be due to poor absorption, rapid metabolism, and rapid systemic elimination. That’s why clinical trials have had to use increasingly larger dosages – some up to 12 grams daily. Typically a large dose is required in order to obtain adequate amounts into the bloodstream, which becomes costly with a higher risk of noncompliance. Many of the current Curcumin products on the market today, including the 95% Curcumin extracts as well as those enhanced with ingredients that increase absorption, such as piperine and lecithin still have poor bioavailability.

  • Only 2%-5% of the spice Turmeric is Curcumin. 1000mg Turmeric delivers 20mg-50mg Curcumin.
  • Regular Curcumin extracts are poorly absorbed. These include 95% Curcuminenhanced with piperine.
  • Retention time in the blood is short which limits the ability to have greater impact.
    Combining Curcumin with piperine to increase absorption increases the risk of adverse interactions with commonly prescribed medications.
  • Enhanced Absorption. Proven Efficacy. Naturally Better Curcumin.

Absorption of Bio-Curcumin® is up to seven times greater and it retains twice as long in the blood (8 hours vs 4 hours) than conventional 95% Curcumin extract. This has been confirmed via Human clinical studies.This breakthrough formulation is the most effective and affordable way to supplement with curcumin.


Bio-Curcumin obtains superior bioavailability, enhanced absorption and longer retention in the blood without piperine. Many curcumin products add piperine to improve absorption of curcumin. Piperine is a problem for many consumers because the additive should be taken cautiously if at all by anyone taking medications. According to the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, piperine is a potent inhibitor of drug metabolism, which means piperine spikes blood levels of many prescription medications.


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