Beta Salvestrol Activate Capsules 60


Salvestrols, naturally occurring compounds in certain plants, that offer a side-effect free cancer therapy and prevention.

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Salvestrols are naturally occurring, metabolically active substances that act as anticancer prodrugs when metabolically activated by the Cytochrome P450 enzyme, CYP1B1. They are phytoalexins and as such are induced in response to pathogens. As phytoalexins they do not fall neatly into any of the classes of phytonutrients. Some are stilbenes, some are antioxidants, some are phytoestrogens while others fall outside of these categories. Salvestrols obtain their anticancer activity not as a member of some phytonutrient class but rather through their metabolism by CYP1B1. Unfortunately, Salvestrols are deficient in western diets due to the modern agricultural practices that minimize the risk of predation through the use of fungicides with the consequence of minimizing the conditions for induction of these compounds. It is in organically grown foods that salvestrol levels are highest.

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