Baryta-Carbonica-(Bar-c) granules


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~~Tonsils and glands around ears painful and swollen. Easy taking of cold. Abdomen hard and tense. Palpitation when lying on left side. Fetid foot sweat.

Specially indicated in  infancy and old age. This remedy brings aid to scrofulous children, especially if they are backward mentally and physically, are dwarfish, do not grow and develop, have scrofulous ophthalmia, swollen abdomen, take cold easily, and then always have swollen tonsils. Persons subject to quinsy which is prone to suppurate; gums bleed easily.

Diseases of old men when degenerative changes begin;-cardiac vascular and cerebral;-who have hypertrophied prostate or indurated testes, very sensitive to cold, offensive foot-sweats, very weak and weary, must sit or lie down or lean on something. Very averse to meeting strangers. Catarrh of posterior nares, with frequent epistaxis.

Often useful in the dyspepsias of the young who have masturbated and who suffer from seminal emissions, together with cardiac irritability and palpitation. Affects glandular structures, and useful in general degenerative changes, especially in coats of arteries,  aneurism, and senility.


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