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~~Azotic Tablets U502 (Act 101/1965)
Relieves the pain and reduces the swelling of acute and chronic inflammatory and suppurative conditions such as boils, tonsillitis, styes, abscesses, otitis, bronchitis, furuncles, gingivitis, stomatitis, cystitis, acne, insect bites, urticaria, conjunctivitis and burns.
 Where antibiotic therapy is indicated for inflammatory and suppurative complaints, Azotic tablets should be taken during and after (for at least two weeks) the course to help prevent a relapse of the complaint. Azotic tablets also relieve the pain of sore throats.
 Pyrogenium 9C, Belladonna 5C, Apis Mellifica 5C, Baryta Muriatica 5C, Echinacea 3D, Gun Powder 5C, Arsenicum Iodatum 5C, Hepar Sulfuris 15C, Silicea 15C, Ferrum Phosphoricum 5C
 ADULTS & CHILDREN: Acute: Suck 1 tablet under the tongue every half hour for the first 4-5 doses. Chronic: Suck 1 tablet under the tongue 4 times daily. Do not eat 15 minutes before and after taking the tablet.
 INFANTS: Crush the tablet between opposite ends of two teaspoons and administer as a powder. The tablet can also be administered by dissolving in a little water or milk.
 Acute: One tablet every half hour for the first 4-5 doses. Chronic: One tablet 4 times daily.
Pharmacological Information:
 Sepsis; suppurations; influenzal afflictions of the gastric mucosa
 Inflammation of any kind; headache; acute fever of sudden onset, tonsillitis; otitis media; bronchitis
Apis Mellifica
 Inflammation with burning and stabbing pains; allergy rashes; oedematous conditions
Baryta Muriatica
 Inflammatory conditions of the elderly including asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis
Echinacea Angustifolia
 Inflammation of any kind; septic conditions; tonsillitis; genital discharges; boils; carbuncles
Gun Powder
 Septicaemia; septic suppurations; infections of all kinds
Arsenicum Iodatum
 Irritating corrosive discharges of the mucous membranes; otitis media; nasal catarrh; hay fever
Hepar Sulfuris
 Slow-healing wounds; abscesses; suppurations; acne vulgaris
 Weakness of the connective tissue and constitutional debility; acute and chronic suppurations; lymphatism
Ferrum Phosphoricum
 Feverish conditions before exudation; anaemia; haemorrhages

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