Arrow root powder 75g




Maranta arundinacea

Strach, fibre, natural sugar.

Traditional Uses:

It is often used in thickening clear sauces, glazes, and jellies. It is also used as a primary ingredient in infant cookies, where its digestibility makes it an excellent alternative to flour. It helps soothe the pain of conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and is considered a nutritious and easily digested food starch for infants and elderly patients with bowel complaints. Also used as a substitute for talcum in baby powder and body powder.

Directions to use:

Has a neutral taste and thickens at a lower temperature than corn starch, and hence can be used to thicken delicate egg-based soups and sauces. It also imparts an eye-pleasing glossy look to the sauce. However, care needs to be exercised not to add arrow root too early during the cooking process, as overheating tends to destroy its thickening property.

Safety precautions:

Possibly safe for pregnant and lactating women when taken by mouth in food amounts. But larger medicinal amounts should be avoided until more is known. Consult with a medical practitioner before use.


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