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AntaGolin™ may help to alleviate insulin resistance and assist you gain better control over your weight.

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What does AntaGolin™ do?
AntaGolin™ may help to alleviate insulin resistance and assist you gain better control over your weight.

How does AntaGolin™ work?
AntaGolin™ consists of a compilation of natural agents that have been recognised for their ability to alleviate insulin resistance. Its mechanism of action comprises the simultaneous targeting of multiple metabolic and biochemical pathways involved in glucose and fat metabolism, as well as the optimal functioning of insulin.

Who can use AntaGolin™?
AntaGolin™ can be used by anyone suffering from excess body fat to alleviate insulin resistance and gain better blood sugar control. This includes pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetic patients. AntaGolin™ may also be beneficial in polycystic ovarian disease.

What is insulin resistance?
Insulin resistance is a condition during which normal amounts of insulin are no longer sufficient to satisfy the body’s insulin requirements. To compensate, the body responds by producing more insulin, causing blood insulin levels to rise.

What is insulin?
Insulin is a hormone that regulates multiple metabolic and biochemical pathways involved in fat and blood sugar metabolism. Collectively, these activities make insulin the main controlling influence of metabolism. This is contrary to a common misconception that the thyroid mainly influences metabolism.

What role does insulin play in metabolism?
Insulin performs several different functions that may lead to the accumulation of excess body fat. Firstly, insulin stimulates the production of fat. When the quantity of sugar entering the body is more than what can be used, insulin promotes the conversion of excess sugar into fat. Secondly, insulin also blocks the release of fat from your fat cells by inhibiting the action of an enzyme responsible for the breakdown and release of stored fat. The net result of this double action effect is that besides supporting weight gain, elevated levels of insulin may also make it more difficult to lose weight.

Why do elevated insulin levels encourage fat storage?
In the beginning of time when food was scarce, insulin protected caveman from starvation during periods of famine by stockpiling energy reserves as fat. Unlike caveman, modern man does not have to survive long periods of famine and uses significantly less energy to find food and keep warm. Modern man also eats food with a much higher energy content. For genetic survival purposes, however, insulin still performs the same biochemical functions, converting excess sugar into fat and helping to store it in your body’s fatty tissue. Once successfully stored, insulin preserves your fat stores by blocking the release of fat from your fat cells.

How does insulin resistance develop?
Fat cells have historically been accredited with only two main functions, namely that of storing energy for later use and preserving body temperature via improved insulation. In the presence of excess body fat, however, fat cells also assume a hormonal function and start to manufacture various chemical substances called ‘inflammatory cytokines’. For various reasons, some of these inflammatory cytokines disrupt insulin’s role on a cellular level and render it less effective. The medical term for this condition is ‘insulin resistance’. To get the same task done as before, the body compensates by producing even more insulin, causing levels to rise above the norm. Because of insulin’s obesity-promoting effects, the subsequent elevation of insulin levels makes one more prone to gaining weight. In addition, higher insulin levels also make it more difficult to lose weight. Once this condition sets in, a vicious cycle begins, explaining why many overweight individuals find that their metabolism has effectively slowed down.

How do you know if you are insulin resistant?
If you are struggling to lose weight there is a good possibility that you have become insulin resistant. An easy way to find out is to measure your waist circumference. Males with a waistline measurement of more than 102cm and females measuring more than 88cm will be highly inclined towards insulin resistance, according to American guidelines. European guidelines are even more stringent, with 93cm for males and 79cm for females being the upper range of normal.

If I take AntaGolin™ without changing my diet or doing any exercise, will I lose weight?
Although our research has demonstrated that this approach will assist you to regulate your metabolism and control your blood sugar levels, on its own it won’t optimise your weight-loss potential. Combining AntaGolin™ with a diet and exercise will, however, give you the best weight-loss results. To assist you, a complimentary copy of our own C.AP.E diet™ may be obtainedfrom this website.

If I am on oral diabetic medication, should I change my medication?
No, you may only change your diabetic medication once you have consulted your doctor. Changing any medication without your doctor’s assistance is irresponsible and may be detrimental to your health. We recommend that you adhere to your doctor’s instructions.

If I am on insulin injections, should I stop or reduce my insulin dosage if I have a weight problem?
No, the benefits of insulin and good diabetic control are extremely important. Changing any diabetic medication without your doctor’s assistance is irresponsible and may be harmful to your health. Please adhere to your doctor’s instructions.

Can I take AntaGolin™ together with prescription medication?
Yes, AntaGolin™ may be taken with most prescription drugs, including diabetic drugs such as metformin. Caution, however, must be taken with all classes of oral anti-diabetic medication, as the blood sugar lowering effect of AntaGolin™ may potentiate the action of this group of products and leave you with symptoms of low blood sugar. Dosage adjustments may therefore be required. Please consult your doctor should this occur.

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